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How to Build the Backlinking for Free

Feb 15, 2023

    Whenever you think of optimizing your source for search engines, you would want to make it recognizable for both the system and your potential audience. For this, you might want to use the strategy of backlinking which should increase your backup reputation. Once you set up a personal network of mentions, the views on your main site will gradually increase, while remaining for a prolonged time. The users coming will be genuinely interested in the offers or content you post on your pages, becoming the strong foundation of future popularity.

    The TOP-20 methods you can use for backlinking

    Along with the development of the Internet, you can find more and more methods of promoting the website even solely with backlinks. Here, you will meet the most reliable and profitable options out of existing ones that will build the reputation of your source even if you are only a beginner.

    Tip. Before getting started, you should get some homework done and analyze your current position in the niche, defining the main goal and competitors for it. This will also give a clear image of what aims you have in mind and how much effort you need to put in to achieve the desired result.

    Apply for Business Directories

    For both increasing your popularity and verifying that you plan on establishing the business for the long run, you can apply for registration in business directories. To do it, enter the corresponding source, and set up the account with your website URL, local address, and contacts that will later show on the related searches.

    Build Backlinks with the Free Sites

    Once you make your choice on building the promotional network, there is no better way than using the free website constructors for more mentions. Including the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of platforms like this, of either local or global range, you can select the easiest ones to work with and just go with them.

    Note. Don’t forget that you need to introduce more content than just a link – make some articles or media specifically for such sites, organically presenting the main link inside of it. If you are unsure how to do it properly, just search for the specific guides known under the name “Web 2.0 backlinking”.

    Of course, you can aim not only at full-fledged websites but also the blogging platforms that introduce the creator to enough freedom in designing and posting.

    If you think of developing and curating the side pages seriously, you can also interlink the created platforms. In such a way, you get a full-fledged network that depends not on one central element only, but influences all involved sources.

    Collect the Experts’ Opinions

    Wishing to support the quality image, you can ask experts to participate in the survey about the fair opinion on the content or product you release. This, too, can be turned into a tool for placing the backlinks related to your source without much effort even if you have made the review some time ago. All you need is to ask the participants to repost the results to their official blogs or social platforms they use – in most cases, they gladly share the examples of their reviews, which brings them to trust in their opinion and another backlinking for you.

    Note. There can be cases when the experts show their initiative in searching for the review objects, so they can create a set of opinions on their page. If you monitor the situation and notice such newly appeared posts, just ask them to include your backlink, more so if they have a positive impression of your activity.

    Engage with Professors or Educational Authorities

    If you plan on working with not quantity, but the credibility of mentions and backlinks, one of the best sources for it are websites belonging to the educational sphere. You can always get in touch with the academics or professors who frequently publish their studies and, after the proper request, ask them for placing your link in the relevant categories. Most often, the categories, in which the site will be put, are either resource pages or personal blogs. Sometimes, there would even be no need to write a new post specifically – just insert the link during the edits for the count-in.

    Enter the Community of Blog Aggregators

    Out of the different instruments available for promotion, either visible or hidden, the best ones are about gathering the content in one place. This eases the work both for the audience to search for new information and for blogs that are getting cited officially in the relevant publications. All you need is to create the request with your RSS feed and wait for the results.

    From the Profile on a Forum

    While the majority moved to social networks solely, there are still quite some forums that are ready to work with the niche audience. There, you can insert the backlink to your profile, as the minimum, or go for the signature of your website in every post or reply with a high activity rate within the community. Such an option is perfect when aiming at the quantity increase in the backlinking strategy.

    Get an Invitation for the Guest Post

    Some sources search for websites they can make reviews on or interview about their activity, placing announcements about it. You can always apply for such activities to attract a larger audience and get another link for establishing your mentions over the Internet. To search for the open requests, use the keyword “guest post” and its variations put in quotation marks in the Google bar.

    Get into More Trends

    Even if your area of interest does not vary much or lacks new updates, with enough creativity you can release more content about trending topics. According to the algorithms, the more posts relate to the most recent topics, the more often they will show in the overall and related searches. Moreover, with the rule of unique content traveling across the Internet to other sources sooner or later, the new backlinks are even in the most unexpected places.

    Insert the slide decks

    Another popular format not everybody works with, but many searches for include presentations, especially with previews that allow online sharing. Once you post it online, you will soon notice the increase in backlinking that attracts the desired target audience.

    Look for Missed Mentions

    Some articles written across the network usually limit themselves to writing down the name of the site or company without attaching the relevant links. This creates the situation when the source itself becomes more known, but is still low in the ranks of the search engines. For this reason, you should not hesitate to reach out to the content creators when finding out about such cases, asking them to add the backlink.

    Tip. To ease the process of monitoring, use the Google instruments anonymously, search for the brand name put into quotes, or set up Google Alerts that will scan the new volumes of information incoming daily for your purposes.

    Participate in the Charity Campaigns

    Although this method is not exactly free, its results benefit a lot to the social image of your source. When you donate part of your income or relevant products to charity organizations, they often offer back a token of recognition for your participation. Then you can ask for placing the backlinking as the campaign partner, getting another source citing you and additional points to your image, helping the audience to stay.

    Place Job Offers

    To spread more awareness about the available positions people may occupy to work for you, it is possible and even appreciated to attach the link for all current vacancies. It both benefits people looking for option versatility, owners in hiring some staff, and websites themselves for getting more backlinks on the multiple general job boards.

    Publish the Images under Your License

    As many people use the already existing images for their websites, articles, and projects, you can become the author of such while attaching beneficial conditions for your source. To apply them, post the pictures on Flickr, adding the tag of Creative Commons license with the free distribution on the condition of attaching the original link leading to your page. Considering the popularity of the category, you will soon get the multiplied amount of mentions that will continue to rise stably.

    Note. You can also officially ask the other sites to attach links if they forgot to insert the credits at first while taking your image. If they deny the request or disobey it, they fall under the threat of a lawsuit being filed, as you are stated as the official owner of the item with an active license on this digital product.

    Rebuild the Broken Links

    Over time, some websites become inactive, and their mentions lose their actuality all over the involved partners. In such cases, it is enough for you to offer the replacement and recommend your source for an alternative. This requires massive preliminary research, but in the end, you may take in trustworthy places not everybody can get.

    Repost Your Content on Other Sites

    If you have created a network of accounts and sites belonging to you, one of the ways to put them to work is to post the content from the main source with an attached backlink. This saves the time and effort you might spend on creating other content all of the time, instead allowing you to spread occasional mentions. But this is one of the methods which never should be overdone – then search engines consider your advertisement as plagiarism, putting the sources into the shadow banning. Or another turn would lie in overcharging the original site, becoming more known than the initial project.

    Request for Interaction with Brand

    Many different brands, when getting reviews on their products, return the favors by placing the affiliated links on their websites. So, there is quite the chance that if you write your review or personal top which involves the brand and tell them about it, in return they will tag you as their affiliate on the official sources.

    Advice. Do not hesitate to text even the major brands who have an established reputation, as they are also willing to cooperate gladly. They gladly accept the mentions, too, placing the links in their news sections or via social networks.

    Search for the Partners

    Cooperation is key when developing your business, so you can also get in touch with related businesses to help. If they do not belong to your sphere directly, but share some common elements about your specializations, such interlinking will be quite fruitful for all the parties involved.

    Start Your Activity on Quora

    As Quora is known widely as a question-and-answer source, it is a good opportunity to seek the target audience and natively spread awareness about your website. Even if the direct engagements are not that high, the mentions on the page will be valued by the search engines to lift the ratings.

    Use the Wikipedia Account

    For citing purposes, Wikipedia uses many sources, and you can easily apply for one of them. It is enough to create the account and ask for edits of the citing on the relevant pages by adding your website to it. If you follow the in-site rules and prove your edits as helpful ones, this will only benefit the credibility of the platform both among the people and search engines.

    Work on Your Statistics or Reports

    One of the content types that get a lot of backlinking, but not as spread in usage is the statistics or surveys conveyed. For further research, people prefer to use ready data, linking it later in their publications, so it is a perfect way to get more engagements, more so – on highly credible sources. Such backlinking may require effort, but then it returns with a ten times bigger payback, justifying the work with it.

    Is the campaign worth it?

    At first, when you start your backlinking campaign, you need to forget about immediate results and a sudden boom in popularity for your website. It takes time to achieve the exact goal you have set at the beginning, and a tremendous amount of work to make the popularity not only grand but also consistent. But once you make it right, you will see how your site gradually develops, gets more recognizable, and attracts the desired target audience that wants to stay as regulars, not just passersby.