Backlinks Tracking Tool

The service checks the status of your links, keeps statistics, and notifies you about missing links.

Backlinks Tracking

Save your time and keep an eye on the website's link profile monitors the availability of backlinks to your website and sends notifications if your link:

- becomes unavailable for indexing;
- disappears from search results;
- gets removed from a donor website.
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How backlink monitoring works

Create a project and add webpages to check

You can specify additional parameters for each link while adding a link or later.

  • specify publication date
  • link price
  • who added
  • link notes

Check the backlinks on the website

The service will check not only the availability of the link but also all the essential parameters to make sure that the link is visible to all search engines.

  • link availability
  • dofollow / nofollow
  • robots.txt
  • meta-tags
  • canonical
  • google indexing
  • yandex indexing
  • backlinks

Stay up-to-date with changes

Keep an eye on the status of your website link profile and receive email notifications if a link drops out, remains nofollow, or disappears from the webpage.

  • link has disappeared
  • link builder has added new links
  • weekly link report

Backlinks Tracking Tool

Monitor link building

Keep an eye on your website's link profile and monitor the progress of your website's promotion over time.

Stay informed about changes

The service will notify if the donor's website goes down or the link becomes unavailable for robots.

Recover deleted backlinks

You will immediately see the webpage from which the link to your website has disappeared and can contact the owner to get it back.

Keep track of your progress

Analyze reports: how many backlinks carry any weight, how many made it into the index, and how long the links lasted.

Automate your routine

The monitoring service can be linked to Google Search Console to import necessary data.

Links to websites are essential for boosting the websites in the rankings

The link profile determines the effectiveness of website promotion in Google. Backlinks bring new users to the website and notify search engines that the website is credible and authoritative. If the number of links suddenly drops, then the position of the project may fall.

Usually, third-party staff that purchases backlinks for your website provide a report on the performed work but do not monitor the status of the links afterward. So, later website owners can remove links, change the status from dofollow to nofollow, or remove any webpage.

You can see the history of each backlink. Add link-building experts to the monitoring service and keep track of changes in your website's link profile.

Don't check the link profile manually! Our service will notify you about everything you need to know.


Monitored Backlinks200500200010000
Check page indexing×
Check IntervalDailyDailyDailyDaily

Care about our customers' experience too

I recently tried linkcheck's link monitoring service and I have to say I'm impressed with its convenience and user interface. The dashboard provides all the important data in a clean and intuitive way, it makes it easy to track my backlinks. Overall, I highly recommend linkcheck to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly backlink monitoring service.
Kira Nikolaev

Managing Director is an excellent backlink monitoring service. It checks for backlinks and monitors key parameters, making sure links remain visible to search engines and work for my websites. The ability to set additional parameters for each link and receive email notifications of any changes is a definite plus. Overall, I highly recommend
Fillip Bonov

SEO Manager